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President: Konnekt Digital Engagement & AmberMac Media, Inc., Executive Producer & Host: nextMEDIA

2016 Schedule

Day 1
21 Nov 2016


Grab your delegate badge from the registration desk in the Atrium and get your day started. Haven’t registered? Questions? Come and see us! Make sure you make good use of the Xchange system to communicate with fellow participants and book a face-to-face meetings with key industry leaders.

Networking Breakfast

Kick off your day at CIX FinTech with a power breakfast! Coffee, tea and delectable pastries paired with endless networking opportunities.

Opening Keynote: Paul Desmarais III

We are thrilled to welcome Paul Desmarais III as our opening keynote. Desmarais is the Executive Chairman of Portag3 Ventures and Chairman of Diagram Foundry and also serves as Vice-President of Power Corporation and Power Financial. As a specialist in the investment and technology spaces, Demarais will provide our audience with high-level expertise in what the future of FinTech funding looks like.
Paul Desmarais III

Exploring FinTech Strategies with the Big Banks

Our nation’s banks are strong, stable, and ready for growth. The progress we’re seeing in financial technologies has enabled banks to explore new strategies, platforms, and products to service their customers. Learn from Canada’s innovative banking leaders as they share their insight. Speakers: Peggy Van De Plassche, VP Innovation Engagement, Retail 7 Business Banking, CIBC / Dubie Cunningham, VP Innovation, Scotiabank / Peter Tilton, SVP Digital, Royal Bank of Canada / Niti Badarinath, Head, NA Channels, BMO Financial Group / Michael Hainsworth, Business Reporter, BNN (MODERATOR)
Peter Tilton
Michael Hainsworth
Dubie Cunningham
Niti Badarinath
Peggy Van De Plassche

Networking Break

Take a break from the exciting morning of programming to mingle with fellow attendees. Strike up a conversation — maybe your next funding round will be found over a cup of coffee!

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World

According to Alex Tapscott, there is one form of technology that will have a greater impact on the world economy than self-driving cars, solar energy, or even artificial intelligence.  It’s called the blockchain.  Blockchain technology is a simple protocol that bypasses intermediaries and allows for anonymous and secure transactions that are permanently recorded on a public ledger. So why should you care about this? Blockchain is not only the technology that powers bitcoin, but is a protocol that holds the power to reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better. In BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION:...
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Alex Tapscott

The Global Landscape: International FinTech Leaders

Canada is at the forefront of innovative FinTech advancements in both our public and private sectors. Our entrepreneurs are forward-thinking, opportunistic, and recognize the necessity for growth in the financial world, but as with anything, there’s room for improvement. This panel will showcase global leaders in FinTech as they discuss the current landscape of their territories, the keys to their success, potential international partnerships, and their visions for the future in this fast-growing sector. This truly global session will feature thought-leaders from Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Switzerland, so don’t miss your chance to learn from your international...
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Juwan Lee
John Hucker
Rob Young
Adam Nanjee

Building a Foundation: Startups Providing Technological Solutions For Financial Institutions

Banks are enormous institutions made up of untold numbers of departments, platforms, products, employees, and offices, and they need help from the innovation sector to properly service their clients. These founders have extensive experience in working with the big banks and will detail the opportunities entrepreneurs can capitalize on by creating technologies that will benefit large institutions. Speakers: Janet Bannister, Partner, Real Ventures (MODERATOR) / Vuk Magdelinic, CEO, Overbond / Corey Gross, Founder and CEO, Sensibill Inc. / Brent Ho-Young, CEO, Dream Payment
Brent Ho-Young
Corey Gross
Vuk Magdelinic
Janet Bannister

Workshop: How to Identify Your FinTech Product’s Pain Points

Join TWG’s Director of Product, Tom Walsham for a powerful session dedicated to helping you understand your fintech software product better. Whether you’re a major financial institution or an emerging challenger, there are things you can be doing to identify risks and opportunities early on, and ways you can apply those insights to make better product decisions. Tom will be sharing some of the tools and techniques TWG applied when helping two very different clients build fintech products: BigTerminal, a big data startup for the financial services industry, and the largest bank in Canada, RBC. From using customer data to...
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Tom Walsham

Networking Lunch

Enjoy a catered lunch and take some time to get to know the CIX Top 20 companies by visiting their booths located on the upper level of MaRS. Each company will have representatives on hand to share their innovation with you. This is also your opportunity to mingle and develop relationships with leading investors and entrepreneurs.

The Race to Win Millennials and Generation Z

Companies across all sectors have invested countless dollars and hours into capturing the millennial market with varying success, but Generation Z is following closely behind them so it’s imperative that we take them seriously as consumers. This is deeply important for the financial world as younger generations are increasingly weary of dealing with big banks, long-term contracts, and traditional institutions. This leads to great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the FinTech space to launch new platforms and products that will capture the business of young people entering the financial market for this first time. It’s an exciting time for the banking...
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Colleen Johnston
Daniel Eberhard
Michael Katchen
Peter Aceto
Michael Bancroft

Workshop: Tips, Tricks & Traps: FinTech Transactions in the Real World

Players in the rapidly expanding Canadian FinTech sector need to fully understand the legal challenges of their business and ensure solutions are sensitive to the requirements of each party in the FinTech ecosystem, from traditional finance institutions to marketplace lenders. Join us for this interactive session where we will review commercial and consumer FinTech transactions to uncover barriers and discover opportunities for success. What do finance companies look for when funding a FinTech lender? Are there any restrictions under the Consumer Protection Act as to entering into internet contracts? What are the damages for non compliance? Can an borrower (commercial...
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Suhuyini Abudulai
Jonathan Fleisher

Working with the Big Banks: Achieving Success Through Partnership

As FinTech companies strive for success they come to a crossroads: do we go it alone or take the plunge to partner with a bank in hopes of reaching their full potential? There are many pros and cons to examine when making this decision, so we’ve assembled a group of FinTech CEO’s to tell their stories. Find out the benefits and drawbacks of partnering with traditional financial institutions from our experts.   Speakers: Blair Wiley, Partner, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP (MODERATOR) / Casper Wong, COO, Financeit / Jeff Mitelman, CEO, Thinking Capital / Eva Wong, Co-Founder and COO, Borrowell /...
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Blair Wiley
Casper Wong
Eva Wong
Jeff Mitelman
Michael Gokturk

Networking Break

Take a break from the exciting morning of programming to mingle with fellow attendees. Strike up a conversation — maybe your next funding round will be found over a cup of coffee!

Understanding Opportunities in Insurance Tech

Advancements in financial hardware and software technologies have opened up doors for countless creators to build successful businesses that will impact a number of industries. One particular area that is seeing tremendous growth is the insurance business. Insurance companies are a key piece of the FinTech ecosystem and they are investing strategically in technologies that will both benefit their current clients and grow their reach. There’s also great opportunity for startups to compete with traditional players, so this is a chance to hear directly from both entrepreneurs and innovators in the insurance field about what the future has in store and...
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Jon Erlichman
Karim Hirji
Adrian Bentley
Xavier Debane
Tim Attia
Michael Serbinis

The Big Choice: Finding New Partnership Opportunities in the FinTech Space

As companies grow they face many partnership, merger, or acquisition opportunities. Every company is different so they each need to do what’s best for them. Whether it’s selling your business or technology to a big bank, a non-traditional financial institution, or partnering with one of these entities, there are many factors at play. This session will focus on the opportunities that emerge when dealing with partners outside of the traditional banking space. Speakers: Malcolm Fowler, VP of Financial Institution and Partner Management, Moneris / Amber Mac, President: Konnekt Digital Engagement & AmberMac Media, Inc. (MODERATOR) / Aileen Kheraj, Vice President in Consumer...
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Malcolm Fowler
Amber Mac
Aileen Kheraj
Christopher Tyghe

How to Grow Your Business: Important Lessons Learned from FinTech Funders

Since we’re still in the early stages of FinTech, there is plenty of room for new ideas, new players, and new platforms within the sector. Whether it’s fundraising, research & development, mobile integration, or finding the right partners and collaborators, investors and entrepreneurs looking to venture into FinTech will gain great insight from our group of experts. These pioneers will utilize their experience to highlight key lessons they’ve learned and what mistakes funders and founders should avoid in this booming innovation landscape. Speakers: Genevieve Pinto, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault LLP (MODERATOR) / Peter Misek, Partner, BDC IT Venture Fund / Scarlett Sieber, SVP,...
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Robert Antoniades
Genevieve Pinto
Brooks Gibbins
Scarlett Sieber
Peter Misek

Closing Cocktails

Cheers to a day of enlightening sessions, newfound business connections and celebrate Canada’s most innovative and forward thinkers!